Signs Remind Drivers to Watch for Motorcycles

Allstate on nationwide mission to warn drivers to look for bikes at intersections

An insurance company is posting signs at intersections across the country that ask drivers to look out for motorcycles.

Allstate Insurance Co. is putting up permanent signs in more than 30 cities in hopes of preventing crashes at major intersections. The company posted a sign at East Main and 14th streets in Grand Prairie.

Dallas County had almost 600 accidents involving motorcycles in 2010, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. Thirty-five percent occurred at intersections.

"Motorcyclists are easily overlooked," said Dusty Wallace, an Allstate agent in Flower Mound. "It is always a safety concern, because generally when you're driving, you're not thinking about a motorcycle, you're thinking about another vehicle out there."

Wallace, who rides motorcycles, said he constantly has to be on a lookout when he is on the road. Motorcyclists always have to think ahead and be aware of things in the road that cars run over or drivers running red lights.

He said he hopes the signs will drivers to look twice when approaching intersections.

Jake Augustyn said he loves riding bikes but said it can be stressful.

"Not enough car drivers give enough bike riders enough respect for the road," he said. "They don't look out for you."

Augustyn said he got a permanent scar on his arm after avoiding an sport utility vehicle on a windy road.

"I scraped up against the fence and lacerated my arm a little bit," he said. "It was bad enough to where you learn to watch out for everybody else."

Allstate is planning to put up more signs at West Main and 14th streets when construction there completes. Crews will also post the warning signs in Dallas at the intersection of North Buckner Boulevard and Garland Road.

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