Security Guard Shot After Confrontation at Dallas Strip Club

Man treated and released after being shot in the head near a Dallas strip club

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A man is recovering after being shot in his car early Sunday morning by an unknown person following a confrontation at a Dallas strip club.

Dallas police said a female security guard at the XTC Cabaret on Stemmons Freeway reported being assaulted by at least one person she'd asked to be removed from the club.

The female guard told another guard who worked in Fort Worth about the assault and he came to the Dallas club. At the end of the shift, the guards got into a vehicle and left the club.

While driving along the 1300 block of Empire Central, about a block south of the strip club, someone fired into the vehicle striking the male guard in the head. The man was taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated and released.

The shooter, police said, remains at large. Dallas police have not released any information about the shooter, including a description of the car or of the gunman.

While the shooting took place near the strip club Dallas police have not confirmed whether the shooting is related to the confrontation at the bar.


After police asked for help curbing overnight violence, the Dallas City Council in January voted unanimously to order all strip clubs and other adult businesses to close their doors between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. and that all employees be at least 21 years of age instead of 18.

The ordinance change was to be effective immediately, however, the Association of Club Executives of Dallas, a trade organization that represents sexually oriented businesses, filed a motion for a temporary restraining order after the council vote. Judge Barbara Lynn denied the TRO, saying it wasn't needed since the ordinance would not be enforced until a preliminary hearing took place.

While hearings have taken place to challenge the ordinance, to date there has been no ruling from the court.

XTC on North Stemmons Freeway is one of the strip clubs police visited many times over the years for assaults and homicides outside.

In 2017, 23-year-old John Carlo Casiano-Torres and a woman he was with were both shot outside the club. Casiano-Torres was shot and the chest and died and the woman was shot in the leg.

In 2019, two security officers were arrested after fatally shooting 34-year-old Jason HIll as he tried to back out of the parking lot. According to an arrest warrant affidavit, the guards said there was an unresponsive person on the ground behind Hill's truck and that they ordered him to stop backing up. When he refused to stop, the security officers began shooting into his pickup truck.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Dallas Police Department initially said the shooting happened at XTC Cabaret and that the guard who was shot was the one working at the club and was shot after going to his car in the parking lot. Investigators later learned the shooting took place about a block away and that the guard who worked at the strip club was not injured.

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