Schools Will Require Texas High School Students To Apply For Federal Financial Aid

Texas High school students will soon be required to fill out an application for federal financial aid.

This new program started in Louisiana and when Texas educators saw it at work they knew they needed to get in on the act.

When it comes to college, high school students typically worry about two things. What school they're going to attend and how much it will cost.

Help with cost can come from FAFSA, free application for federal student aid.

Lacey Thompson works in the University of North Texas’ financial aid office.

She travels to high schools and said time and again student don’t want to fill out that application for aid.

"There’s a lot of misconceptions that people make too much money or it’s tax information and it’s too difficult," said Thompson.

Louisiana requires high school seniors to fill it out before they graduate.

After doing that they found enrollment in college significantly increased as students got more aid than they expected and signed up for school.

Graduate Student Allison Howard admits she didn’t fill out a FAFSA when she went to school as an undergrad. But coming back to campus for her masters she jumped on it.

"I was able to fill out some other stuff as well but I did get a grant for the summer," said Howard.

This takes affect in 2021.

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