North Texas

School Districts Block Popular ‘Fortnite' Video Game From Wi-Fi

The popular video game Fortnite continues to capture the attention of North Texas teens.

It appears teens aren’t only playing at home, but also at school. The mobile version of the game makes it possible for students to play on smart phones and tablets.

Gaming websites report anecdotal accounts from students and teachers who say the game has clogged school Wi-Fi as students play.

NBC 5 checked with North Texas school districts, while none report any Fortnite issues, some have the game blocked on district Wi-Fi.

Both Fort Worth ISD and Lewisville ISD have the game blocked.

A representative said the district did not set out to specifically block Fortnite, but their already set Wi-Fi parameters catch and block the game.

The largest school district in North Texas, Dallas ISD, has not seen an issue with in-school usage and as of now has not limited Wi-Fi access.

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