Sand Truck Overturns Near ‘Dead Man's Curve'

1 person injured in wreck

One person was injured Friday after a sand truck overturned in the southbound lanes of  U.S. 175 near "Dead Man's Curve" and state Highway 310.

The wreck shut down traffic in the westbound lanes of U.S. 175. The injured person was transported to Baylor Hospital

The bridge, which is located south of downtown Dallas, was damaged when a fuel truck caught fire last month. The bridge has been closed since the fiery crash, and the state has set up detours.

Highway officials estimate 75,000 cars travel the intersection every day.

The spot is sometimes called "Dead Man's Curve" because of a history of crashes and its hard turn. It is ultimately slated to be straightened with construction of the proposed Trinity Parkway Tollroad.

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