Roy Oliver Jury Sent Home for the Weekend Before Deliberations Begin Monday

Attorneys representing Roy Oliver, a former Balch Springs police officer facing a murder charge in the killing of 15-year-old Jordan Edwards, rested their case Friday morning.

Judge Brandon Birmingham sent the jury home for the weekend, telling jurors they had a lot to process before beginning deliberations Monday morning

Friday began with Roy Oliver's defense resting their case and then prosecutors called rebuttal witnesses to respond to testimony given by Oliver Thursday.

During that testimony, Oliver said he had no option but to use lethal force when he fired into a moving vehicle carrying five teenagers in April 2017, killing Edwards.

Rebuttal witnesses included two sisters who got into a fender bender with Oliver just days before the shooting. They said he was enraged following the crash and that he pointed a gun at them, never identifying himself as a police officer.

Oliver said he was not pointing the gun at the woman's head and that he only took his gun out because he saw them rummaging around their car and was concerned for his safety.

Another witness, a prosecutor, testified Oliver was extremely uncooperative and cursed in front of the jury during a DWI case.

Deliberations will resume Monday morning.

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