Rowlett Police Post Message to People Who Decide to Drink and Drive

The post came after a driver under the influence wrecked with a police cruiser

The Rowlett Police Department posted an eye-opening message on their Facebook Saturday.

According to the post, a driver under the influence was traveling at a high rate of speed and “plowed” into a Rowlett police cruiser.

“…and by luck of whatever higher power you choose to believe in, no one involved sustained a critical injury or death,” the Facebook post stated.

The picture that was published along with the post shows a mangled police cruiser and speaks a thousand words.

“Many, many people like to enjoy an adult beverage or three (myself included) *****HOWEVER***** let’s all be adults about it and line up that sober ride BEFORE we start imbibing,” the post read.

Rowlett police are advising drivers to stay safe and look out for each other, and please don’t drink and drive.

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