Rockwall Votes on $59.4 Million Bond Package

Property taxes would increase if propositions pass

Rockwall voters will decide this weekend on a $59.45 million bond package.

The capital improvements bond package for the growing city would increase property taxes by about 33 percent if all five propositions pass.

Rockwall residents over the age of 65 would not be affected by the bond package.

"Now is not the time to go into debt for things that are not necessities," said Johanna Runnels, who has a "no new spending" sign in her front yard.

Property taxes on a home that costs $200,000 would increase $312 per year, or $26 per month.

"We already have significant debt at the city level and now is not the time to increase that another $60 million," Runnels said.

Tammy Sharp, who owns a downtown business, said she already voted in favor of the bond plan.

"All of those are going to bring sales tax revenue one way or the other to Rockwall," she said.

A big chunk of the bond package is for a $25.1 million athletic complex to be built on 162 acres of land in South Rockwall. Improvements to Downtown Rockwall, city streets, a park that holds the original "rock wall" discovery site and protection for historic buildings would also be in the works.

"Even though our tax rate will go up a little bit, the monies that it [the improvements] brings into Rockwall -- the city and the county -- will more than make up for what small tax increase we will have," Sharp said.

The bond election was pushed back before. The City Council voted 6-1 to let the voters put the issue into their own hands after a committee looked into the city's capital needs, Rockwall said.

"That's why we're letting it go to the voters," Councilman Benny Daniels said. "The voters can decide. They can make that determination."

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