Rockwall Dispatcher Helps Homeless Woman, Rockwall Police Say

Rockwall Police Department

A Rockwall police dispatcher helped a homeless woman by giving her clothes and toiletries Thursday.

A woman experiencing homelessness came to a Rockwall police station for help, Rockwall police chief Max Geron said in a Twitter post.

An officer offered some of his wife's shoes, but after the sizes didn't work out, asked dispatchers for help.

That's when Michelle May, a Rockwall police dispatcher, decided to take action.

"I live pretty close so I was like 'let me run home and grab a few things,'" she said. "I grabbed as many comfortable items as I could find, shoes and toiletries, brought it back up here and she seemed really happy and was very thankful for the help."

May is also responsible for Rockwall police's Dispatch of the Day program, which features an animal from the Rockwall Animal Shelter in an effort to spread the word to adopt.

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