Rocks Tossed Onto Cars on the DNT: Police

Just before midnight Tuesday night, Dallas police say several cars were damaged when unknown suspects tossed rocks from a overpass onto vehicles passing below.

The vehicles were getting onto the Dallas North Tollway from downtown at McKinnon Street. Witnesses described rocks raining down from a Katy Trail overpass.

"I don't really understand why they would put people in danger, especially just innocent people driving down the road," said Staci Onderdonk.

She met her husband for a date night after work in downtown Dallas Tuesday. As she followed his car onto the Dallas North Tollway, she saw her husband's car swerve then she heard a crash in her own SUV.

Both vehicles were hit by rocks. Her husband's car lost a back passenger window while a rock the size of a cantaloupe crashed through Onderdonk's front passenger window. The rock bounced against the headrest and landed next to Onderdonk's leg. A second rock narrowly missed her windshield and left a dent in the hood of her SUV.

"We pulled over and started assessing what was happening, immediately called 911 and very shortly after we heard more bangs, more cars were pulling over," said Onderdonk. "We could tell this was still happening."

After calling 911, police said it took nearly 30 minutes for officers to respond.

Another man, who was in an Uber, shared a photo with NBC 5 of the fist-sized rock that crashed into the passenger window of the vehicle he was in. Three people inside were sprayed with glass, but no one was seriously hurt.

Dallas Police say two people reported minor injuries and were checked out at the scene by paramedics.

The road is flanked by steep embankments. Police couldn't rule out the possibility of a naturally occurring rock slide, but were investigating the incidents as rock throwing by unknown suspects.

Onderdonk said officers who responded told her they've received calls of previous rock throwing incidents, but many complainants didn't stop to be interviewed by officers.

"That's scary," said Onderdonk. "That's an underpass that anyone that goes to Dallas uses. It's kind of our one way in, one way out."

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