Robbers Hit Adult Novelty Store

Richardson police are looking for three robbers who hit the Zone d' Erotica on Tuesday night.

Investigators said the three men walked in and pretended to shop. A few minutes after the clerk helped one of the men, he jumped the counter.

"I looked down, and I realized he had black gloves on his hands.That's when I realized what they were about to do," said Tera Mitchell, the clerk and a mother of two.

Surveillance video shows the men robbing Mitchell and two customers who were shopping in the store. The men made off with the store's cash, along with wallets, purses and even a watch.

"The money hurts," Mitchell said. "It hurt me, because that was bill money. But, hey, if I had to pay that again, I'd probably pay more than that to keep my life."

Mitchell said she grabbed her bottle of pepper spray when the men came in. She just had a feeling they were up to something.

"You don't know or really know what will happen, so I got the Mace, and I'm like, 'I'm going to do this with the mace and I'll run,' but that's not how it happened," she said.

The men took Mitchell and the two customers to the back of the store. Mitchell said that's when she saw one of the men had a gun. She said she thought they were going to be shot but, luckily, the men just left.

"They told us that if we moved, no one would have a Merry Christmas," she said. "I thank God for Jesus, but I'm just grateful the Lord allowed me to see my sons again. Christmas was when I walked out that door."

Officers said they believe the men are also involved in similar robberies in Farmers Branch and Dallas.

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