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Roadside Discovery Leads to Post-Christmas Effort to Return Lost Gifts

Two Fort Worth-area fathers are trying to reunite children with their lost gifts after the items were discovered on a roadside Monday night.

Doug French was driving along Sycamore School and Crowley roads when he saw the gifts.

"We could tell it was something," he said. "So I put the hazards on and we stopped."

French pulled over near the train tracks.

"There were like pieces of trash here and there," said his son. "The Jordan box looked like it got ran over."

A closer look revealed the items were not trash.

"Presents — it was definitely presents on the road," French said. "We got as much as we could before it'd been ran over, and people were running over stuff as I was out collecting it."

French took the items to his best friend's house.

"Confused at first," said Bryan Sowell. "I didn't understand what was going on."

The families looked through the items and discovered an unwrapped gift, two kids' stockings with items inside, clothes and new Air Jordan sneakers for a child.

"I think somebody had something set up on the top of their car, and they got the kids loaded up and it just fell off," French said. "It broke me down, because I could imagine there's a family that expected to have those when they got home."

So these men, both new fathers, want to deliver the gifts to their intended recipients or the people who bought the gifts.

"It's the right thing to do," Sowell said. "It's not much, you know, but it may make or break someone's Christmas, so I hope that we can find them and make their Christmas."

When French was asked why he chose to stop when others continued to drive over the items, he replied, "Cause Jesus Christ — he would've stopped. We're celebrating Christmas. We're celebrating Jesus. Why not do what Jesus would do?"

NBC 5 is not providing a detailed description of each item in order to ensure the items are returned to the rightful owner who is able to provide correct details about each item.

If you believe the items are yours, contact the men at:

Sowell contacted Fort Worth police. If the owner cannot be found, the items will be turned over to police.

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