Road Failure on I-20 Leads to Flat Tires in Grand Prairie

It was a rough morning drive for some along westbound Interstate 20 in Grand Prairie Tuesday when a road failure led to flat tires.

The concrete broke in the westbound lanes right at the Belt Line Road over pass.

At 11 a.m. there were still a few cars with flat tires on along the shoulder in the area.

An estimated six vehicles had flat tires, no injuries were reported.

Some of those who got flat tires say it happened to them Monday night, the rest experienced it Tuesday morning.

"Unfortunately the debris was so scattered across the freeway there was no way I could avoid a lot of it, so I got double flat tires on one side," said Antwain McGee. "It was actually debris, it felt like a rock, it felt like I hit a big rock is what it felt like."

Texas Department of Transportation road crews patched the road and the two lanes affected were reopened.

TxDOT crews will be out making permanent repairs Tuesday night.

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