North Texas

Residents Warned After ‘Aggressive' Bees Attack in Johnson County

Authorities in Johnson County are warning people to stay in their homes after several bee attacks Thursday.

The Joshua Fire Department said its crews were called to the area of College and 18th streets on a report of a landscaper who had been stung while mowing grass. When two good Samaritans tried to help the man, they were also stung.

Firefighters who arrived to the scene say they, too, were stung by the "extremely aggressive" bees.

"It was complete chaos," said neighbor Renee Morris. "We come outside and there was just bees everywhere. He's running around being bitten, the other guy was over there on the ground just covered."

One person was taken to the hospital.

"Residents in the immediate area of this location are urged to remain indoors and to use caution when going to and from their vehicles and house," the fire department said in a statement posted on social media.

Bee experts were called to remove the swarm after dusk Thursday when bees tend to be calmer.

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