Renting Textbooks Save College Students Money

There are now more ways than ever to get those books for less.

College textbooks can easily cost more than $100 a piece. 

Lauren Ailles, a student at the University of Texas at Arlington says it adds up and puts students in a budget crunch. 

"A book can average from $50 to $300," said Ailles.

There are now more ways than ever to get those books for less.

You can sell used textbooks on The website claims it can help you save up to ninety percent on textbooks by renting them.

For example, a biology textbook sells for $85, but you can rent it for $26.99.

Another platform for inexpensive textbooks is Bookbyte, their website includes a cheat sheet for buying books for as little as possible.

Bookbytes' tips include buying a previous edition of a textbook, you can also sell used books through their site.

Lauren says at UT Arlington many students are using these services, but finding another way to save even more.

"I will coordinate with my classmates, get a textbook and split it so we don't have to pay as much and share it," said Ailles.

Amazon is another option, they let you download textbook rentals to your Kindle device.

You can also put technology to work for you. Price comparison apps like Shopsavvy and Honey can help you find the best deal and even get money back.

If you're buying electronics like a new computer, refurbished or certified-used options can save you an significant amount of money, but know you also forfeit your right to a warranty in many of those cases. 

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