Recyclables To Be Dumped In Landfill After Plano Service Center Fire

The investigation continues into what caused a massive fire at Republic Services recycling center in Plano.

The impact of that fire stretches from Plano to Richardson and The Colony.

"They are looking for alternatives right now,” Plano representative, Steve Stoler said. “They are looking for a place where they can put those recyclables to be sorted and they tell us it’s going to be several weeks until they have a place."

Stoler explained the recyclable materials will still get picked up, but with a different destination.

"Instead of the commodities actually being recycled, for the next few weeks, they are going to be taken to the landfill," Stoler said.

Stoler said Plano’s population is approximately 275,000 equaling an estimated 115,000 households. For now, the recycling for those households must go to a landfill.

“We hate that this is happening because obviously we are a city that is a big proponent of recycling,” Stoler said. “We recycle 90 tons of product a day. The last two years we averaged 18,500 tons of recyclables.”

Stoler explained the city contracts with Republic Services who is actively searching for a solution.

“We're also unhappy that we have to take this to the landfill, but there are no alternatives at this point,” Stoler said.

In the meantime, Plano residents can bring clean cardboard to Texas Pure Products at 9901 Custer Road.

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