Recess Makes a Comeback at Many North Texas Schools

Recess is making a big comeback at several North Texas schools.

In fact, students are now required to play at some schools in Little Elm, including Oak Point Elementary.

Four times per day, students in some kindergarten and first grade classes put down their pencils for a 15 minute recess break.

It’s part of the Liink Project, or Let’s Inspire Innovation ‘N Kids, created by TCU professor Dr. Debbie Rhea.

She says kids who play throughout the day are more focused in the classroom.

"It does bring back brain power, so when they're out here, it crates highways to develop in the neurological system so the mind can actually function better when it’s in the classroom,” she said.

Teachers say unstructured playtime is already helping students think outside the box.

“The kids have figured out how to come up with games, whereas in the past, they were looking at us to tell them what to do,” said Sarah Turnage, a new first grade teacher.

This is the first year the LiiNK Project has been in place at Oak Point Elementary.

So far, kindergarten and first grade classes are participating in the project.

But the district says it plans on expanding to give all students a chance to build mental strength on the playground.

The LiiNK Project started during the 2015-2016 school year.

It’s now in 14 schools at six school districts including Arlington, Irving, White Settlement, Eagle Mountain-Saginaw and Little Elm.

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