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Rain Water Floods Handful of Fort Worth Apartments

Tuesday's rain ended up inside a handful of apartments in Fort Worth and one resident says it's happened at least twice in the past.

Tuesday afternoon, water was still pooling along the baseboards in Reese Allen's living room, bedroom and closet.

"At some point, you run out of towels, you run out of buckets," said Allen. "At that point, you just let it happen."

Allen said the water flooded his first floor apartment unit on Saturday, too. That evening, he called the emergency line at his apartment complex and maintenance later vacuumed up the water and deodorized the apartment.

But Allen says the smell is lingering.

"As soon as you come in the room where it is, it just hits you. It's not somewhere you want to be. I don't like being in my house right now," said Allen.

He lives in a one bedroom apartment with his girlfriend at the Xander Apartments in Fort Worth. He says it flooded a third time a couple of months ago.

NBC 5 visited the apartments on August 17 after residents reported ongoing problems with air conditioning.

Since then, new management took over the property. Allen says he received a letter on his door, announcing the change, last Monday.

The complex says flooding is impacting a handful of first floor units.

In an email statement to NBC 5, the new management company says it's working to fix the problem long-term.

Allen hopes the fix comes before the next round of rain.

"I'd like a safe place to live in. I'm tired of being afraid of rain," said Allen.

Read the full statement from the Xander Apartments:

The property has been under new management for less than two weeks. We have identified the cause of the problem in some of the first floor apartments. In the short term our maintenance crews are working directly with residents to address the issue and we have a team working on a permanent solution. We appreciate their patience and urge them to contact on site management if they have any additional questions or concerns.

Fort Worth Code Compliance said the complex repaired the A/C problems following the August 17 report. Code compliance also ensured issues with the pool were fixed after the same report. The city plans to follow up on flooding concerns Wednesday.

The city says residents can reach out to the city to file a complaint about possible code violations or health and safety concerns here.

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