Puppy Scam Victim Receives Heartwarming Gift From Viewer

Earlier this month, NBC 5 Responds told you about a woman in Denton who lost hundreds of dollars in an online puppy scam.

Julia Laney's 6-year-old daughter, Maddie, just wanted a puppy of her own.

But when her mom started to look online, she fell for a scheme that left them empty handed.

Laney was hoping to surprise Maddie with a Goldendoodle puppy she found online.

Laney wired a total of $700 to the alleged seller and thought the dog would be shipped the next day.

But after she was asked to send more money, she realized she'd been taken and the dog never came.

"I was so blinded emotionally for this dog for my daughter that I just kept going," Laney said.

She was out hundreds of dollars, meaning Maddie's dream pup wasn't happening.

But little did she know, an NBC 5 viewer refused to see her sad any longer.

So with the help of that viewer (who would like to remain anonymous) and Maddie's mom, NBC 5 Responds coordinated the ultimate surprise: a miniature Goldendoodle!

The dog lived in Houston and needed a new home.

Our viewer drove down to Houston, picked her up and brought the dog to Denton just for Maddie.

"Oh my goodness! I can't believe it," Maddie said.

The pup is 8 months old and she's already becoming Maddie's best friend.

Maddie decided to name her, Annabelle. She is happy and bonding with her new puppy everyday. 

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