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Protesters Rally in Dallas 100 Days After Floyd's Death, Hope to Reignite Calls for Change

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Under the trees outside of Dallas City Hall, where protesters have gathered countless times since George Floyd died at the hands of Minneapolis police in May, dozens chanted, "Say his name," yet again.

The rally, organized by Not My Son, was a gathering of several organizations pushing for policy change to improve police and community relations and provide programming in underserved communities.

“Today is a wakeup call. We’re not dying. We’re keeping it strong. We’re out here for a reason. We need to see change within our city council members, within our mayor, within our chief. We need to hold these people accountable. We can’t lose what the narrative was, to begin with,” Not My Son founder Tramonica Brown said.

Through reenactments of the deaths of black men and women that happened at the hands of police, Brown said they hoped to remind and reawaken people as to why they’ve been taking to the streets.

“In some cases, the what we’re marching for… the for and the who and the what have been lost, so we thought today out of all days would be the best day to remind everybody that we have to keep pushing for what we’re pushing for, which is just equality. That’s it. It’s so simple,” Brown said.

In addition to protests, Not My Son has held several community events including a backpack drive.

Brown said they’ll hold more ahead of November’s elections encouraging people to head to the polls.

“The best way to hold someone accountable is to march in there and change it,” Brown said.

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