Watch Your Step! Prosper Residents Warned of Snake Sightings

The recent rains have snakes slithering all across North Texas.

The problem is so bad that the city of Prosper issued a warning to watch your step.

A copperhead snake was recently spotted crawling across a jogging trail near Wilson Creek in Prosper.

Michelle Graham lives nearby and says she exercises on the trail at least four times a week.

"I'll still go to run but I'll just watch, especially on long straight stretches, because I don't want to come up on one," she said.

Prosper Parks and Recreation Director William Mitchell says a mild winter and recent wet weather is driving snakes to higher ground.

"You might see them in areas where they wouldn't normally be," he said.

NBC 5 viewers have been emailing photos of snakes outside their homes to isee@nbcdfw.com.

One image shows a snake stretched out by a front door in Dallas.

Another photo shows a snake slithering on a doorstep and in a backyard in Frisco.

There have also been recent sightings on a disc golf course in McKinney.

When encountering a snake, Mitchell says the best advice is to leave them alone and walk away.

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