Prosper Adding Enforcement to US 380

After a deadly start to 2014, the town of Prosper is increasing its enforcement on U.S. Highway 380.

Police Chief Doug Kowalski says between January and April 2014, there have been more than 30 crashes along the nine mile stretch of highway in his town's jurisdiction alone.

Frisco Police, DPS and the Collin County Sheriff's Office also help with patrol and accident response in the area.

However, many of those accidents have involved serious injuries, even fatalities.

Chief Kowalski says the issue is not with engineering or a lack of speed limit signs, but rather, speeding in general.

"Most of the folks are speeding and not really paying attention when they're coming up to the intersections," he said.

Beginning immediately, the police department is posting more officers in the corridor.

It will mean tickets for drivers exceeding 60 mph, but Kowalski says it won't be a secret.

The town and department will be using social media to post when and at what intersection drivers can expect to see enforcement.

Police hope this effort will decrease crashes, adding they'll compare 2014 statistics to years prior to determine additional safety precautions.

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