Procedure Treats Depression When Medication Doesn't

A new treatment for adults battling depression is helping those who cannot get relief with traditional medication.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS therapy, sends MRI-strength magnetic pulses to the part of the brain that deals with depression. 

"When you do this five times a week for four to six weeks, that area of the brain is like a lightbulb that's a little bit dim that becomes more active and relieves the depression and depression symptoms," said Dr. Louis Costello, of Agape Mind Services in Lewisville.

Costello said the outpatient procedure is a revolutionary advancement in the treatment of depression because there are virtually no side effects.

Karen Day started TMS therapy after depression medication caused unbearable side affects. She said it has given her a zest for life she thought was gone for good.

"I feel good," Day said.

"It's given me back the ability to function, to read and to just interact with others," she said.

The treatment costs $7,000 to $10,000 and is not covered by all insurance plans.

Editor's Note: Agape Mind Services has since changes it's name to Texas First TMS and Neurotherapy find their website here.

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