Fort Worth

Police Searching for Violent Serial Robbers in Fort Worth

Police say the robberies have become increasingly violent.

Police are searching for a group of men accused of violently robbing several bars in Fort Worth.

In the last month, four bars that officers say cater to Hispanic customers have been robbed. The robberies have been become increasingly violent over time.

A victim was kicked in the head and knocked unconscious during one incident and another victim was shot in the face.

The locations and dates of the robberies are:

  • 4000 Hemphill St. on June 24
  • 215 W. Morningside Drive on July 1
  • 317 Collard St. on July 13
  • 3616 N. Main St. on July 14

The alleged robbers are described as three thin, black males between 20 and 30-years-old. Each man has distinctive tattoos.

Detectives are asking anyone with information about these men or the crimes to call 817-392-4383.

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