North Texas

Police Investigate Possible Jugging Ring

Thieves Steal $10,000 Cash From Rockwall Man

Police say a carefully orchestrated heist is happening across North Texas.

It's called jugging, a term used to describe thieves who rob people who leave the bank with cash.

"I think I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. I think they saw that envelope which was a brick of money I walked out with," said jugging victim Troy Duquette. "I'm like the third or fouth one in Rockwall this year."

Duquette is a contractor who frequently cashes and withdraws large amounts of cash to pay for building materials.

"I went to Bank of America to cash my customer's check. The majority of it was for material for my project," said Duquette. "They are (juggers) waiting for people to go to their business or their home and hold them up."

Duquette believes he was followed from the bank to a 7-Eleven in downtown Rockwall. He had $9,900 cash inside his work van.

"I paid for the gas, came back out and it was gone," said Duquette. "When I got back to my van after paying for gas, I reached to grab the money right away and it wasn't there. My passenger door lock was up. I knew somebody broke into my van."

Duquette said it took thieves less than 30 seconds to break into his van and take off with the cash.

"I haven't eaten. I haven't slept. It's hard to work because I have $10,000 over my head right now," Duquette said.

Rockwall Police are investigating Duquette's case. A spokesman said it's difficult to track down juggers because they're mobile and come from different cities or states.

In Plano, 15 jugging cases have been reported to police. Investigators are looking at the possibility of a jugging ring in North Texas.

Duquette is hoping to reclaim some of the money through his GoFundMe Page:

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