Plano Restaurant Inspections Go High-Tech

Health department uses QR codes on permits

People in Plano can now review health inspection reports of the favorite restaurant with their smartphones.

Health permits posted on the walls of restaurants include a QR code, which is similar to a bar code.

Anyone with a QR-reader app on their phones can simply scan the QR code and immediately be taken to a website where restaurant inspection reports are easily searchable.

"In the state of Texas, we're the first ones that are using this," said Geoffrey Heinicke, Plano environmental health director. "You can see the most recent inspection report for that establishment, and you can also go back and review the history of that establishment."

One restaurant owner said he has no problem with the new system.

"I think every restaurant should strive to have a clean kitchen," said Tim Kelly, owner of Kelly's East Side Pub and Grill in downtown Plano.

"I think it's OK if someone wants to know how clean we're keeping our kitchen, what kinds of reports we're getting on the kitchen, the bar, the bathrooms, whatever," he said. "Hey, they want to know."

Kelly's doesn't have anything to hide: Its last inspection was an "A."

"The feedback we've gotten since this has gone out has really been positive, both by the consumers and by the food establishments," Heinicke said.

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