Plano Outspends Most U.S. Cities

National survey says Plano is one of the top 5 highest-spending cities in the nation

According to a survey by a social-media consumer website, Plano residents spend more money than anyone else in North Texas -- and more than most of the nation. says the average household in Plano spends $56,738 per year, and that doesn't include money for rent or a mortgage. It puts Plano's spending at the fifth-highest in the country.

"Well, I'm not surprised," Plano resident Nirav Chokshi said. "When I look at my credit card bills, I'm already surprised by my bills. And I think one of the reasons they do that is because we have some great restaurants around here."

The survey found that the average American household spent $37,782 last year. Of that, 17.5 percent was spent on food and drink, 14.5 percent on getting around and 23 percent on shopping. Seven percent was spent on travel and leisure, 17 percent on house and home related expenses and 21 percent on health and family.

In Texas, only people in Austin spent more than those in Plano. The Lone Star State's capitol topped the entire list with $67,076.

"Oh wow, I'm surprised,"Chokshi said. "Maybe (it's) because they have a college crowd over there. It's a party town, I guess."

Dallas placed 12th on the list, with $47,920 a year.


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