Plano Fire Captain Injured in Wreck Thanks First Responders

Firefighters are used to helping people in need.

One Plano firefighter recently had the tables turned. 

Captain Mark Hardy was badly injured in a motorcycle accident about a year ago.

Tuesday, he thanked first responders who he says helped save his life.

Officers from the Howe and Van Alstyne police departments received plaques from Hardy and the Plano Fire Department. A member of the Careflight EMS crew did too.

“Had it not been for ya’ll, lord knows I wouldn't be here today,” Capt. Hardy said during the ceremony.

He has scars on his face from the wreck.

It happened August 23 at about 7 a.m. on Highway 75 in Howe, north of McKinney.

A box flew off a truck in front of Hardy, who was wearing a helmet. The box struck him in the head causing injury to his brain, face and shoulder.

Howe Interim Police Chief Michael Hill was first on the scene. He says he initially thought the wreck would be fatal.

Captain Hardy says he doesn’t remember that day or the month afterwards.

But, he says he knows for a fact if it weren't for police, fire and ems, some of whom he taught in paramedic school, he wouldn't be here.

"It's very ironic,” Hardy said. “If any hands had to show up and take care of me, if it couldn't be my brothers here, I’m glad it was just somebody that I was responsible for teaching skills that they brought with them that day."

“I did my job. I did what I was supposed to do, what I signed up to do,” Hill said.

"There's not any words that can fully express how someone feels about that," Hardy said.

Hardy has been with the Plano Fire Department for 33 years. He has a wife, three children and six grandchildren.

He remained in the ICU for a month after the wreck. He spent two months in rehabilitation.

Hardy returned to work in February, six months after the wreck.

The driver of the truck that caused the wreck was cited for failing to secure his load.

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