Pizza Hut, Other Chains Offer Beer, Wine

Booze battles tough economic times

by Bruce Felps

Well, here’s one way to fight back against In-N-Out — sell beer with the burgers or pizza.

According to a story published by USA Today, fast-food chains such as here-based Pizza Hut and elsewhere-based Sonic and Burger King offer beer and wine sales along with the Meat Lovers, tater tots, or creepy kings.

It’s a measure, the article says, to combat lagging sales, particularly during the dinner hour. Usually, the really late-night orders come from people who probably shouldn’t have any more beer or wine.

So far, it looks to be an experiment. Burger King opened its Whopper Bars — two things, 1) Whooper Bar is just silly, and 2) How do they coexist sans lawsuit with the candy? — in Las Vegas, Kansas City, and hometown Miami; and Sonic sells suds at two South Florida shops.

Pizza Hut has been selling beer at dine-in locations for quite a long while, according to the article and fuzzy memory, and recently started offering beer at delivery-take out locations because, right, find a sit-down Pizza Hut anymore.

Really, though, it seems like just a niche-market trial thing right now. We’ll know the trend has hit widespread practice when Starbucks gets in on the deal.


Bruce Felps owns and operates East Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He might get dizzy going around and around and around the drive-through lane.

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