Pilar Sanders Addresses Custody Battle, Divorce

After months of custody and divorce drama, Pilar Sanders is breaking her silence

About two weeks after losing a bitter custody battle in a Collin County courtroom, Pilar Sanders is speaking out – only to NBC 5.

“You have to understand, I was a stay at home mom, 24/7, that was my life,” she said.

“The courts took that ability from my children…until I can get my babies back, how I’ve had them, 24/7, mama 100% and papa 100%, they’ve stolen that from me.”

Sanders says it will be months before her divorce is finalized, adding that she and her legal team are seeking an annulment of the marriage.

Following the more than one-week-long trial, a jury awarded Deion Sanders the sole conservatorship of the couple’s two sons. Mr. and Mrs. Sanders now share a joint conservatorship of their daughter, though Deion Sanders will determine where all three children make their primary residence.

Pilar Sanders says she will appeal the jury’s decision.

“The whole process of going through this divorce and going through this court system has opened my eyes so much to a world I never even knew existed,” she said.

“I’ll have to say my trust in the legal system has greatly diminished.”

Mrs. Sanders also refuted claims she says were made in and outside of the courtroom about her financial motives.

“I’ve been married to him for 15 years, with him for 18,” she said.

“When did being a housewife and a mother turn into being a gold digger? What gold was there to dig? If a gold digger digs gold, do they hang around for more than a decade?”

“For him, it was exactly what he said it would be – it is all about the money for him.”

Sanders added that she is exploring future professional options, considering opportunities in music and fitness.

She is also discussing a potential book deal.

“This is just the beginning,” she said. You are going to see so much more of me.”

“I am a survivor and for my children, I will remain that – I’m a fighter for my children.”

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