Perot Nature and Science Museum Opens Today

Museum to open Dec. 1

Dallas's newest museum, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, opens Saturday.

The museum, which has been under construction since 2009, will showcase 11 exhibit halls filled with interactive, hands-on learning that is spread out over 180,000 square feet.

In the sports hall, you can compare your form to professional athletes at the motion lab.  On the running wall, you can race a T-Rex, cheetah or even Cowboys running back Felix Jones while learning about your body in motion and velocity.

"The exhibits are finishing up.  The exhibits are fast and furiously getting ready for opening day," said Jennifer Scripps, director of business and partnership development.

Movie star Owen Wilson is a narrator in the Expanding Universe Hall.

"A lot of people know the voice.  You have to tell them, 'He's from Dallas.  It's Owen Wilson'  It's a lot of fun in the Universe Hall.  That's next to the dinosaur hall," said Scripps.

In the T. Boone Pickens Life Then and Now Hall visitors will see the first-ever installation of the Alamosaurus.  You can also compete against an opponent in the "Predator vs. Prey" game to see how adapting to your surroundings is the key to survival.

"I hope people come and have fun.  This is a world-class science museum, and our community is in for a treat," said Scripps.

Tickets are $10 for kids, $15 for adults.  Annual memberships are also available. The museum is located along Woodall Rogers Freeway at Field Street.

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