Pension Crisis Factors into Upcoming Dallas City Council Election

Voters in North Dallas are getting ready for an upcoming city council election. This month, the Dallas Police Association sent mailers to voters in the 11th district, urging them to "turn their backs" on incumbent councilman, Lee Kleinman.

"I want people to make a decision for themselves, but make an informed decision," said Dallas Police Association president, Mike Mata. "We're endorsing Candy Evans."

Evans is a a real estate blogger who is running against Kleinman.

"We're at a catastrophic point right now," Mata said, pointing to officers leaving the Dallas Police Department because of the city's pension crisis. "Loyalty goes two ways. We are loyal to the city, but the city has to be loyal to the police and fire," Mata said. "If not, they are going to wake up one day and the police and fire will be gone, and it will be their own doing."

On Thursday evening, Kleinman was knocking on doors in his district. "Most people are asking about the pension and roads," Kleinman said. "They are really concerned that the pension bailout is going to raise property taxes."

Evans spend Thursday evening at a voter forum in Richardson.

"We need to have stronger controls on the pension board," Evans told the crowd. "We need to respect them (first responders), get back on track, and go forward in a more harmonious way." 

Election day is Saturday, May 6th. Early voting starts April 24th.

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