Peaceful Protest in Fort Worth Worries Residents

Several dozen people marched through the streets of downtown Fort Worth Friday night to protest police shootings across the country.

“I hear people say all lives matter, and they do,” said rally organizer Donnell Ballard. “But at the same time, we got way too many African American who are being killed.”

The rally, which began at the former Fort Worth police headquarters and then circled Sundance Square, was organized before Thursday night’s ambush in Dallas.

“My heart bleeds for those people,” said protester Angela Darden, of Fort Worth. “I don’t think that anyone should have to lose a loved one, but I need them to also remember we’re losing loved ones, too.”

Fort Worth police stepped up patrols for the protest, and their increased presence along with the protesters worried some people out for a Friday night in downtown Fort Worth.

“It’s kind of sad,” said Katie Moore, who lives in downtown Fort Worth. “Usually when police are around you feel safe, but now it seems if police are around they’re kind of targeted, so you’re not safe anywhere you go.”

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