Pause Lifted on J&J COVID-19 Vaccine and What That Means for North Texas

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The FDA and the CDC lifted the pause on Johnson & Johnson vaccinations after it was suspended due to reports of dangerous blood clots. Johnson & Johnson vaccinations were placed on hold for eleven days while the CDC advisory committee and other experts met to discuss how to move forward.

“Together, both agencies have full confidence that this vaccine’s known and potential benefits outweigh its known and potential risks in individuals eighteen years and older,” said Dr. Janet Woodcock, Commissioner of the FDA.

Johnson & Johnson vaccinations may resume immediately but Woodcock said they’ll continue investigating risk factors.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins welcomes the news and sees it as an opportunity to get closer to herd immunity. He said Dallas County currently has 21,000 Johnson & Johnson vaccines on standby.

“Johnson & Johnson is a great option for communities that are not going to be in the same place 21 days later. So, like for instance our homeless population, our shut-ins on home health care, people in jails,” he said.

He said the county did not allow any of its daily allotment of vaccines to expire – all shots have made it into people’s arms. With questions surrounding Johnson & Johnson, though, he understands people might hesitate, and there’s a possibility they’ll go unused.

“Well we hope that won’t happen,” said Jenkins. “We haven’t had any that have expired yet in Dallas County government.”

The CDC said a warning will be added to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in the form of a fact sheet that will be given to people who receive the vaccine. The fact sheet will provide more detail to the healthcare provider and patient, including information about the risk for events that have occurred.

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