Passenger's Sword Gets Through Airport Security

14" weapon flew on DFW bound flight

The Transportation Security Administration says a passenger to carrying a 14 inch long sword managed to get through airport security, and onto a flight from Corpus Christi to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

The weapon was caught only after the passenger got off the flight at DFW,  left the secure area to smoke a cigarette, and then tried to pass through security again. 

TSA screeners at DFW then spotted the sword, which was concealed in a cane, and the man was arrested by airport police.

According to a police report, the man told offficers he cleared security carrying the cane/sword in Corpus Christi. The TSA confirms it investigated, and determined the sword did pass through a checkpoint. The agency says the screener involved in Corpus Christi will be given remedial training.

While the TSA says it takes the threat seriously, an agency spokesman downplayed the finding Wednesday, saying in a statement that explosives are a bigger threat today, and deserve more attention from screeners than weapons. 

"While edge weapons such as swords remain a prohibited item, it will not cause catastrophic damage on an aircraft," said TSA spokesman Luis Casanova.

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