Parking Problems Plague East Plano Neighborhood

Homeowners in one Plano neighborhood are frustrated, saying it has become nearly impossible to park in front of their own homes at night.

Though there is little they can do to stop it, it's not keeping them from trying.

Many have set out orange cones and "no parking" signs along Hillridge Drive to reserve spots in front of their homes.

"It gets crazy. That's why some people put signs out," homeowner Obie Emine said.

A neighbor alerted the problem to the city of Plano last year.

The problem, the homeowners say, begins with an apartment complex across the street.

Apartment residents risk being towed if they don't have a permit to park on the property. So police say they pack into spots along the street, leaving the homeowners circling the block when they come home.

Parking is now prohibited on one side of the street because emergency responders struggled to get through the crowded roadway.

Because the street is a public right-of-way, there's little police can do to stop the parking problem homeowners are experiencing.

The signs and cones carry no weight when it comes to enforcement. Homeowners say they often end up damaged or missing altogether.

The city says it has tried to work with the apartment complex to try to resolve the problem but that they refused.

NBC 5 called the complex for comment Monday but has not received a response. 

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