Office Depot Adding 8,000 Workers for Back-to-School Season

Office Depot says it plans to hire more than 8,000 temporary workers for the Back to School season. 

That computes to about five additional workers in every store. 

"This is our big season, the back-to-school season, so this is when we do the most of our seasonal hiring," Lynn Gross, Office Depot's vice president of human resources for retail, told CNBC. "[This year's boost is] not necessarily related to the merger, but it definitely, I think, is a sign that we are moving forward as a stand-alone company and focused on providing superior customer service." 

Office Depot plans to beef up its "Buy Online" in-store pick-up program. 

Meanwhile, competitor Staples recently announced it will offer same day delivery in some major markets for $14.99. 

Staples did not respond to CNBC's request for information on its back-to-school plans. 

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