Occupy Dallas: We Aren't Relocating

Group denies reports that it voted to move its campground for a day

Occupy Dallas disputed news reports Thursday that it would be moving its camp from its current site behind City Hall.

In a deal with the city, the group moved its campsite to City Hall Park nearly three weeks ago. It has a permit to remain in the park until mid-December.

Occupy Dallas said in a telephone interview Thursday night that the group's General Assembly did not hold a vote to move the camp to another location for a day.

"The idea passed around today was that we were going to essentially clean out bad elements from our camp by regrouping for [one] day at another location. It was scrubbed," the group posted Thursday night on its Facebook page.

On Sunday, a convicted sex offender was arrested on suspicion of having sex with a 14-year-old girl at the campground earlier in October. The man and the teenager, who police said was a runaway from Garland, were both staying at the camp.

Child Protective Services reportedly removed an infant from the camp. The group said its members are trying to find housing for the family and employment for the father.

Occupy Dallas also said that a "violent individual" was arrested at the campsite Wednesday night.

"We do not attract or generate dangerous people," the posting said. "People in office buildings, coffee shops and malls have to deal with crazy people, too."

The group also said it did not have "a homeless problem," saying homelessness was not causing any "logistical or legal problems."

The group told NBC 5 it wants to have a better grasp of who is in the camp. In a Facebook posting, Occupy Dallas said it would announce plans shortly.

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