North Richland Hills Exit Ramp the Scene of Several Crashes

At least 8 vehicles have crashed into or through the barrier wall at the end of the Iron Horse Boulevard Express Lane exit off of Highway 820 in recent years.

Despite multiple updated safety measures, drivers continue to crash while coming off the Loop 820 express lane exit for Iron Horse Boulevard in North Richland Hills.

There have been at least eight crashes in recent years where drivers fail to account for the "T" intersection at the end of the ramp and, instead, crash into or over the dead-end barrier wall across from the end of the ramp.

The most recent accident happened around 2:30 a.m. this past Saturday, when a Jeep hit the concrete wall at the end of the ramp and burst into flames.

The driver was suspected of driving under the influence, according to the North Richland Hills Police Department.

In 2015, three people were killed when the car they were in crashed through the barricade at the end of the ramp and they plunged down onto the grass median of 820 below.

In November 2017, a big rig truck crashed in a similar manner, sending the cab of the truck down onto the grass median below and leaving the trailer dangling over the side of the Iron Horse overpass.

In the nearly two years that have passed since, NTE Mobility Partners (NTEMP) — the private company that manages the toll lanes for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) — has added several safety measures. The safety features include four sets of rumble strips on the Iron Horse exit ramp, added signage — including signs with yellow flashing lights — new striping and paint on the roadway, a narrowed exit ramp with chevrons painted on the walls and additional reflectors on the barrier wall opposite Iron Horse from the end of the ramp.

"The North Richland Hills Police Department encourages drivers to stay vigilant and follow safety signage posted on all roadways," a department spokesperson noted. "We are committed to the safety of drivers in our community and will continue to work with NTEMP and TxDOT as needed."

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