North Texas Storm Victims Spend Weekend Cleaning Up

Residents and businesses continue to face the damage left by the storm Thursday afternoon

Lester Jones has had a busy Saturday morning cleaning up after the storm in his front yard.

“Mighty large tree, probably 60 foot tall, 50% of it came down, had half the street covered up,” he said.

But despite having to take care of the giant pile of work, he said he’s staying positive.

“I got lucky. It missed the house, and it hit the street,” he said.

As of Saturday night, ONCOR said 26,276 customers in Dallas county and 17,469 customers in Tarrant County remain without power. The outages follow Thursday's heavy rains and hurricane force winds that swept across North Texas.

North Arlington was one of the hardest hit areas. Down the street Jones’ neighbors aren’t as lucky. They’ve had to clean up and live without power for two days.

“It’s kind of like, very primitive. We don’t have any coffee, no eggs and bacon. Have to eat out every meal right now,” said Robert Staley.

In Dallas, a giant awning fell off of a building and into a storage facility.

“It was like a parachute up there, just brr brr brr you could just hear it. It sounded like it was going to rip the roof off the building. It was really loud, really scary,” said Bruce Bersch, who was working at Cobblestone Shoe Repair, the building where the awning flew off.

The awning also dented Bersch’s car, embedding countless pieces of glass onto his hood. Still, he said he was thankful the damage stopped there.

“Luckily it didn’t go the other way, there was a lot of traffic here that day, and if it went the other way, it could’ve been a lot worse,” he said.

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