North Texas Police Say Thieves are Targeting Gold

Police departments say precious metals are big targets for thieves

Thieves in North Texas are targeting gold.

Police in several departments are noticing thieves are forgoing electronics in some cases and heading straight for the jewelry boxes.

In one recent case, during an open house on Saturday, a thief ran off with thousands of dollars in precious metals.

That incident happened in University Park -- a similar incident took place earlier this month at another open house in Highland Park.

Police think the gold is being targeted because it’s easier to sell off.

There have been many gold-buying stores popping up all over North Texas. Police say those stores are hard to regulate. In many cases, the stores just ask for ID and don't require additional information.

Becky Armstrong was one victim who was not only burglarized once last year, but then again on Thanksgiving of this year. All her jewelry is gone, and what’s more saddening for her, the sentimental value.

“My great-grandma graduated from Plano High School in 1902 so there was a PHS charm, you know really sentimental things, I wanted to pass down to my daughters,” she said about one of the charm bracelets stolen.

In another Dallas neighborhood, Terry Sowden was hit as well. She not only lost all her jewels, but one of her dogs choked on a shard of glass left behind after a burglar smashed a glass door.

Denton Police say they’ve noticed thieves are targeting 22k and 24k pieces of gold. That department is working with others in North Texas, to see if the cases are related.

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