North Texas Flu Season May be Improving

Health officials in Dallas County and other locations say flu outbreak conditions are improving.

The Dallas County Health and Human Services department told county commissioners on Tuesday that they believed flu season had peaked.

"It appears that we have already peaked, in regards to the amount of circulating virus in the community, however viral activity from the flu is still high in our county," Dr. Christopher Perkins said on Tuesday.

In Tarrant County, John Peter Smith hospital canceled the "code yellow" that had been in place for 15 days to help cope with the demand from an emergency room flooded with sick flu patients.

The hospital announced it would resume elective procedures, get staffing back to regular shifts, and again take non-emergency transfers.

Baylor Hospital had a "code yellow" in effect for eight days before canceling the condition last Thursday.

Collin County, however, continues to say flu activity is "widespread," even as flu cases dropped statistically.

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