North Texas Families Check on Loved Ones in Paris

North Texans with ties to Paris waited anxiously to make sure their loved ones were safe following a series of deadly attacks Friday.

"I had just walked in from work," said Katherine Spinks. "It was about 4 p.m. and I turned on the news, and I saw it was all about Paris and immediately I was concerned."

Spinks' daughter is living in Paris and was dining out when the attacks began.

"She was in a restaurant," said Spinks. "While she was eating there with two of her friends, a gentleman came in and he had been shot. Of course, they didn't know what was going on."

Spinks said she will stay in close contact with her daughter over the weekend. And Spinks is not alone.

At least 127 people were killed in the worst attacks on France since World War II. Americans were among the 200 wounded, the State Department said. French President Francois Hollande vowed a "merciless" response against the perpetrators, as ISIS claimed responsibility.

Eight attackers targeted at least six locations in the French capital, authorities said. Police said they killed one of the terrorists and the others blew themselves up.

Many in North Texas have ties to France.

Tara Brahmi has both friends and family living in Paris.

"It's heartbreaking know that I have family there," said Brahmi. "Honestly, I heard first from the station that this was going on. It's bothersome. It's worrying, calling over to make sure my family is OK and all accounted for."

Pascal Cayet owns the French restaurant Lavendou in Dallas. He said the scar left behind in Paris will take a long time to heal.

"You're not going to be feeling safe for a little bit," said Cayet. "It's going to take some weeks. It's just a sad situation."

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