North Texas Drivers Say Construction is Ruining Cars

The hard hats and heavy machinery can be good signs of a thriving economy, but sometimes they can also cause bumps in the road. Building a better North Texas comes at a price.

If you drive in North Texas, you know sometimes the ride from Point A to Point B isn't always a smooth one.

We've heard from several people who said their cars are taking a beating and construction is to blame.

James Broumagen considers himself to be a good driver. But the roads in North Texas can give even the best motorist a run for their money.

"I've hit some potholes in the area," Broumagen said. "Probably seven days later, I got a nail in the sidewall of the front tire, so I had to replace it three times. And somehow I got a nail in the back tire as well."

From nails to potholes, cones, cracks and barrels, commuting can be a bumpy ride.

"I think that's due to just the heavy construction," said Broumagen.

Construction projects are popping up all over the DFW area. Workers are spending countless hours on new developments to strengthen the economy. In the midst of building the state up, leftovers cracks, nails and flying debris may impossible to avoid, costing drivers hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars in damage.

"I was looking for just basic compensation for the rim and for the tire, but for those two things that I had to come out of pocket for," Broumagen explained.

He said he tried contacting the Texas Department of Transportation but was given the runaround. Fortunately he had already purchased tire protection. So instead of paying $200 each, he only had to spend $35 on repairs.

But he said the state needs to do more to look after drivers and their pocketbooks.

According to TxDOT, "state law does not allow for the expenditures of state funds for property damage due to the condition of the roadway (ie: Potholes)." Drivers can use the TxDOT website to report pothole and other road damage.

Broumagen said that's not enough and doesn't feel protected as a driver.

"You kind of just start to laugh, like how many more times can this happen."

The NBC 5 Responds team has heard from several drivers with similar stories. 

Here are Samantha Chatman's solutions:

• Consider purchasing a tire and wheel protection plan. Typically, for a one-time fee, it'll cover nails, potholes and other damage and can save you money in the long run.
• Visit your city's website to report potholes or other road damage.
• Call the NBC 5 Responds hotline at 844-573-7763 or submit your complaint to NBCDFW.com/responds if you feel your complaint is being ignored.

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