North Texas Concert Goers React to U.K. Bombing, Security Expert Tips

Hours before the big New Kids on The Block concert at the American Airlines Center Tuesday night, there was a visible law enforcement presence staged outside the venue. A marked Dallas police cruiser was positioned on the sidewalk by the east entrance.

"I believe that we're well protected," said Nathaniel McVay. He arrived to Tuesday night's concert hours in advance and admitted to having a heightened sense of awareness after Monday's bombing in the U.K.

"I  believe families all in general are going to take care of one another, we're not going to let anything happen to our families, our loved ones that are coming out to see an event ," he said.

Retired ATF agent Hector Tarango says preparedness is key.

"You have to know as much as you can about a location you're coming into, making your way up observing everything getting inside knowing where the exits are, get there early, walk around get an idea, this is probably paranoid speak for some people, those of us who take it very seriously that's the type of stuff we do," Tarango said.

Managers at the AAC tell NBC 5 that they have reviewed security plans for the concert but "per our policy we do not publicly discuss specific details of our security protocols."

Verizon Theater at Grand Prairie had an increased police presence at Monday night's concert and released a statement to NBC 5  that read in part "it is a rarity for a venue the size of Verizon Theater to have walk through magnetometers, yet we made that a priority."

U2 will be playing out at AT&T stadium later this week where thousands are expected to attend. Crystal Kirkpatrick said it was all the buzz on Tuesday's tour at the stadium.

"It's kind of a sad thing that you don't want to go, but at the same time it's the safest but you have to live your life and trust in whatever belief you have and you'll be okay," she said.

The Dallas Police Department released a statement saying  "the Dallas Police Department considers our preparedness for day to day operations and major events as we review recent attacks on the homeland and abroad.  We will continue to coordinate with our federal partners to ensure that our officers are up to date on intelligence in our efforts to keep Dallas safe."

Security experts say patrons need to remain vigilant, check venue websites, call ahead and ask about security measures and most importantly know where the exits are at all times.

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