North Texas Catholic Community Reacts To New Bishop

The Catholic Diocese of Dallas will soon have a new bishop. Rev. Edward Burns will be installed as the Bishop of Dallas February 9, 2017, following in the steps of Kevin Farrell who was called to Vatican City to become a Cardinal.

“It’s always big news, getting a new bishop. It’s always exciting,” Nikki White said.

“We’ve been waiting for this announcement and praying for a good bishop to be appointed,” Frances Hill said.

White and Hill work at Sacred Heart Books & Gifts in Dallas.

Customers making their way to store after the announcement had the news of a new bishop at the front of their minds.

“I’m very excited as is everyone coming into the store today. It’s just the talk of the day,” Hill said.

They say he comes with excellent recommendations and background with experience.

“It’s almost like a relative coming into town. It’s ‘oh we have someone new here.’ Meeting a new person and seeing how that person is going to work God’s will in your life,” White said.

Under the umbrella of the Vatican, they want to remind everyone that a bishop is more than just a leader of local churches.

“It is such a morale booster to have a good bishop. Someone that inspires people,” White said. “To live their faith joyously, to live their faith well.”

“A leader is really important. To have a great shepherd really encourages people to embrace their faith,” Hill added.

Many said they are offering prayers for Burns as he begins this new journey.

“It’s a wonderful job, but it’s still one with many difficulties. It’s one with a lot of pressure,” White said. “So, prayers for his intentions and prayers for his peace."

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