North Texans Head to Virginia to Help Restore Power

140 Oncor employees left early Sunday morning to aid in emergency repairs

Getty Images

Dozens of Oncor workers have left their families to head to Richmond, Va., where they're needed more right now.

Six people have died in that state and 13 have died throughout the Midwest and Atlantic states which lost power after storms Friday.

Crews from our area left shortly after 5 a.m. and will spend two days getting to Richmond.

"When they get there they'll figure out what it is that they have to do," said Jeamy Molina, with Oncor. "And you know, it's utility lines. It's something that they're used to, this is work that they do all the time. So they'll get out there and they'll work and they'll work as safely as they can to restore power." 

Temperatures in Richmond are in the mid-90s to as high as 104 degrees, near record highs.

One woman said her apartment felt like an oven and she left for a hotel until power is restored.

It could take most of the week before everyone has power and air conditioning again.

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