No Warm Welcome for Heart Graffiti in Plano

Dozens of green, red hearts painted in Plano neighborhood

Someone is tagging neighborhoods in northern Plano with red and green hearts, but residents aren't feeling the love.

Dozens of red and green hearts appeared more than a week ago, covering a one-mile stretch of Hedgcoxe Road and extending into some of the surrounding neighborhoods.

Police said the graffiti is vandalism and crime whether it's a teenage prank or the work of a graffiti gang.

The city of Plano is spending money and manpower trying to cover up the graffiti without much luck. The outlines of the hearts are still visible.

“I definitely think it’s destructive and criminal,” said Adam Leydig, who lives in the neighborhood. “These things you can’t just repair. It brings down the value of our homes."

Plano police said they investigate all graffiti to determine if it is gang-related.

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