Newy: Dak Says Greed Led to Slow First Half In Dolphins Victor

Put the Cowboys struggles in the first half on the quarterback Dak Prescott.

Offensively the Cowboys had just 204 yards of total offense in the first half with Prescott going 9 of 20 for 106 yards with one pick against the Dolphins. The Cowboys only led 10-6 on the worst team in football and #4 who threw a really bad interception in the second quarter by pointing the finger at himself.

"I was being too greedy. One of those heat checks or whatever you call it, just trying to do too much in the first half. I said it to Kellen [Moore] at the end of the game that at the end of the first half, I was just being greedy," Prescott said in his postgame media session.

The Dolphins were so bad in the defensive backfield, Prescott spoke of being able to go through his progressions several times on that horrible interception.

I felt like Prescott was a boxer who wanted to knock out an inferior opponent in the first round of a fight instead of sticking to his normal game plan.

"It was just bad by me, great by the offensive line," Prescott said. "Went through every read probably three times I guess, and I broke the pocket and it was just bad by me. Terrible by me. I saw both guys and went to throw it and it just kind of got away from me. I was looking at both of my guys at the same time and it got away from me and it just wasn’t a good play. As I said, it’s another thing that I can learn from, me personally, of just taking the running back. These guys are doing a great job protecting up front so don’t go out there and feel like I can make every throw. I need to check it down and keep the play and keep the drive going."

The fourth year quarterback got the Cowboys offense rolling in the second half with two straight touchdown drives to make the score 24-6 and effective end the competitive phase of the football game. Dallas ended up advancing to 3-0 with a 31-6 win in Arlington.

Prescott finished with a stat line of 19 for 32, 246 yards and two touchdowns and one interception. The offense shot itself in the foot plenty of times on the day and wiped out a touchdown pass and well over 120 yards of passing yards.

"That’s credit to this offense, this team letting it be water down the duck’s back," Prescott said. "Just wipe it off and keep going. You score on a big play like that and it gets called back for the penalty, don’t get too worried about that and focus on the next play. We were able to do that, make a little scramble, Devin [Smith] makes a great catch. Next thing you know, we’re rolling, run play, pass play. Next thing you know, [Amari] Coop[er]’s in the end zone. That’s what we preach for this offense; focusing on one play at a time and allowing the game to come to us. When we do that and focus on our jobs and handle that, this offense is tough."

It was not perfect but 25 point wins are rare in the NFL. The Vegas line was 23 points. The Dolphins are tanking. The Cowboys can only play the schedule put in front of them.

Next Sunday, it’s a primetime national game in New Orleans on NBC 5’s Sunday Night Football. Prescott is from Louisiana and told the media he’s never played a football game of any kind at the Superdome.

The 2-1 Saints pulled off a nice road win in Seattle with Teddy Bridgewater starting for the injured Drew Brees at quarterback. Teddy B made the Pro Bowl when he was the starter for the Vikings in 2016.

The Superdome will be rocking as always so another slow start from Prescott and the offense can’t happen.

"That’s why I said it’s a good tape to learn from, probably for me more than anybody else; just take what the defense gives me," Prescott said. "I want these shots; you hit these shots in a couple of games, and you want them again, you get anxious. But, taking it down with those backs will get just as many yards as those deep throws and allowing the game to come to me is what I did in the second half."

Prescott’s off to a great start with nine touchdown passes to tie a club record through the first three games of a season. His rushing touchdown gives him 10 scores in three games. Cowboys players and coaches believe Dallas has a chance to win big this season as long as Dak continues to take what defenses give him.

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