Newlywed Husband Grieving Wife Killed in Dallas Office Shooting

They pulled the love of my life away from me in just an instant," Dennis Canada said

A North Texas man is planning his wife's funeral, just 39 days after they were married.

Lana Canada was shot and killed Monday morning by a co-worker at a North Dallas office building.

"I'm having a hard time with it. They pulled the love of my life away from me in just an instant," Dennis Canada told NBC 5 from the Sulphur Springs home he shared with his wife.

Everything in the backyard of their home reminds Canada of Lana, including a rose garden they worked on together just two days before she was killed.

"That's hard for me to look at," Canada said.

Lana was a mother of eight – seven daughters and one son – and a grandmother of seven. Together they had a blended family and were the picture of wedded bliss.

"The greatest marriage. The greatest relationship I'd ever been in," Canada said.

He recalled kissing his wife goodbye Monday morning before she left for work. Lana was a supervisor at Dignity Team Health, a Texas-based provider of in-home Hospice Care.

Hours later, she was killed in a conference room by a disgruntled employee who Canada says was "pretty mad" about Lana recently being named a co-partner. The shooter, 60-year-old Matthew Kempf, then turned the gun on himself.

Canada said he received a text about the shooting from one of his wife's co-workers.

He rushed to the north Dallas office building with Lana's 16-year-old daughter.

"When the detectives came out and they told me that Lana did not make it," Canada said through tears. "My world had been taken from me." 

Lana's funeral will be held Friday afternoon in Alba, Texas.

MORE: The Canada family has established a GoFundMe account to help benefit Lana Canada's daughter.

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